Wedding Photography Tips

Find out how to pose, when to pose and where to pose

Wedding photography tip # 1 Don’t leave your comfys

Make sure you are wearing comfortable dress and accessories. It helps you a lot if you are happy with what you are carrying, it also gives you confidence instead you are wearing something which is irritating you and you are giving weird expressions.

Wedding photography tip #2  Get Mentally Prepared

Some couples are very serious about the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before the wedding day. But you are well aware of latest trends so be bold and mentally prepare yourself for audacious poses.

must-have-shots-Laal(the wedding mag)Wedding photography tip # 3   Don’t Miss must-have Shots

Before wedding meet with the photographer and have him create a shoot list, so that you will not missing getting photos with your friends, colleagues, roommates and family of course.

bride-photoshot-ideas-Laal(the wedding mag)Wedding photography tip # 4 Research for new ideas

You want to make your wedding album more memorable then research the poses and postures that you can adopt on your wedding photography sessions. But one thing must be remembered that although the wedding is a romantic relation bounded with love between you and your perfect one but expression should be limited as long as concerned with wedding albums because you are going to show them to all the family and friends.

Wedding photography tip # 5 Time for photography

Plan with your photographer the time for photography as it oftenly happens that most of the times bride and groom remain buisy in photo sessions and all the guests are gone after having food or the groom and bride don’t get enough time to have food. So already plan timings with your photographer so that you have plenty of time for your shoot and also for the guests.

Wedding photography tip # 6 Appoint a helper for photographer

Appoint someone to help photographer who knows all your family members and friends of whom you want to be captured. Especially helpful during the formal family shots since the bride and groom are in all the shots. They can help point out that uncle or go get grandma from the reception

bridal-photography-Laal(the wedding mag)Wedding photography tip # 7  Be confident and let the folks watch you

You are the King & Queen of the Day, so be confident and let the folks watch you and praise you. And in future you’ll be able to recall these precious memories.

Wedding photography tip # 8 Have a detailed conversation with your photographer

Have a detailed conversation with your photographer, ask his first name and let him know yours. It is necessary because it will allow both of you to communicate without hesitations and work more effectively.

flower-hairstyles-pink-bridal-dress-Laal(the wedding mag)Wedding tip # 9 Smile and make eye contact with camera

It is very important to smile because if you look at ground all the time you’ll look sad and you don’t want so, don’t forget to make eye contact with camera and realized that you are being photographed.

Wedding photography tip # 10 Be Spontaneous

Be spontaneous , after allll it’s your wedding . share the ideas with photographer that come to your mind . Also try to make fun photos.


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