Wedding Checklist

 Wedding is not a one day task, it needs planning of months. If you are thinking to plan your wedding then obviously you or your family have chosen the perfect one for you and obviously the very first task that you’ll need to do is to announce your engagement and surprise your friends and relatives with this big news.

To do all the planning and arrangements perfectly and timely you will have to make a to do list and then form it into a check list that will assist you in managing all the tasks that are needed to be done through out the wedding .

Considerable decisions and plans before 12 months

  • You need to review your money matters as you are going to do a huge investment so ask yourself , your parents and anyone else who has agreed to contribute financially for the wedding. Discuss and make it clear who is paying for what so there are no surprises later on
  • Plan if you will have together or separate mehndi celebrations and who will be paying for this
  • Will you have one big reception or shaadi and walima separate?
  • Who is paying for the outfits and vendors for each event?
  • How much money can each person guarantee to put towards the wedding?
  • Keeping a budget from the beginning is very helpful, so you know the price range you should stay within, when choosing vendors.
  • And don’t forget to discuss Haq-meher amount in advance
  • Dowry / Bari
  • Jewelry
  • Dresses
  • Decide whether you are hiring a wedding planner or do it by your self
  • Save money where you can by either having one of these at home, in a tent  or joining parties.
  • Decide on a time frame for the wedding season. Remember, weddings between memorial day and labor day are the priciest, so if you want a popular venue, try to keep your wedding during off seasons. If you have a lot of out of town guests then you may not be able to have this option considering its difficult for people to have off on other days.

Important bookings

  1. Event planners / Decorations
  2. Dresses
  3. Beauty Salon and mehndi artist
  4. Venue
  5. Invitation cards printing
  6. Photographer
  7. Videographer
  8. Caterer / wedding meals( food is the most important thing in a wedding, the main things that people remember..!! so be careful and go for tasting and take what you find is the best)

6 months before

  1. Guest list
  2. Sitting arrangements(e.g. mehndi function)
  3. Guest accommodation
  4. Order invitations
  5. Finalize songs that you will play on different functions like mehndi , barat , rukhsati
  6. House maintenance/ paints

3 months before

  1. Send invitations
  2. Search for rental supplies that you will need such as tents and other decoration or furniture
  3. Finalize your make up artist
  4. Arrange transportation needed for barat and other occasions
  5. Order your dresses or buy them for all the functions
  6. Start shopping for necessities of rasams like mayun ubtan, mehndi trays , entrance dopatta and gift boxes and wraps for the in laws

1 month before

  1. Confirm all the bookings that you have done
  2. Send songs playlist to DJ
  3. Discuss photo shoot ideas that you have searched with photographer
  4. Check all your preparations for the main day , all the dresses fittings and accessories, Place everything at one place
  5. Buy gifts that you have planned to give to your spouse
  6. Discuss and decide how much money will be needed for rasams like doodh pillai, joota chupai
  7. Nikah Khwan

Back up plans

  • Charge your devices
  • Arrange power supplies in case of load shedding
  • Fuel back up for light generator
  • Always keep a first aid box
  • In distant weddings take eatables for diabetic patients and vomit bags for those who have problems while traveling
  • Fire prevention and control
  • Make sure your house is safe after leaving for the hall
  • Plan a safe route and in case of late timings always take security aid or keep licensed weapon
  • Keep make up backup in your purse or your friend can help you in this


Prepare a detailed list of gifts that you will have to give to your in laws , mother, sister and friends

People that you will need

  1. Housemaid
  2. Cook
  3. Assistant for groom and for bride they may be their sibling, cousin or friend to help them in preparations and at beauty salons, ask in advance so that they have saved time for you
  4. A person to write all the gifts and salamis
  5. Person for decorating the bridal room before the rukhsati

Necessary documents

  • Id cards of Bride and Groom
  • Witnesses should be asked before and they must come with their id cards too

Groom’s wallet should contain

  • Id Card
  • A lot of money for saleez and rasoom










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