Bridal Beauty: Your Bridal Beauty Plan

Head to toe Guide — what to do monthly, weekly, daily and at least once to look positively radiant on your wedding day.

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Hair Plan

Monthly: You love your hair ,so, show this tenderness with a deep conditioning treatment. It’ll help mend ends and fortify your strands while making them silky smooth and, yes it is of no loss if you have to sit still and do nothing for 10 minutes to get that beautiful hair you have ever dreamt..!!
Weekly: Your hair needs rest..!! All that ironing, even shampooing has been causing it some serious stress. If you feel you can’t go even one day without shampooing then use a shampoo that is formulated for frequent use.
Daily: If you use blow dryer frequently then protect your hair first. Use such dryers which cause less harm and strengthen hair while controlling frizz.
At Least Once: Trim your hair to remove your dead ends and clean up your cut it helps to get rid of split ends too. If you do this only once, do it a week before your wedding.

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Face Plan

Monthly: This is not for people with sensitive skin, but for the rest of us, an at-home peel may be just the thing to clear out dead, dull skin cells, and make way for a radiant face. The key is to give a tough scrub job. Work in a circular motion to cover your whole face, and do not focus on one spot for more than a few seconds keep moving. Skip the salon and try it yourself.
Weekly: You can use a deep-cleaning mask to purge pores . Choose the right beauty product according to your skin, an exfoliating mask that doubles as a scrub is ideal to slough off dry skin, while a clay-based mask will minimize pores and help reduce shine on oily complexions. You can use masks made up of honey and oat, tea tree oil face masks.
Daily: Keeping your face clean is more than easy, but make sure you protect your skin with a good moisturizer. It is a must whether your skin is dry or oily. Look for a moisturizer that is formulated for your complexion and is at least SPF 15. Be careful around your eyes, where the skin is more sensitive. Use a cream or gel especially made for this sensitive skin, you can use  hydro-firm eye creams which are available in the market which will moisturize, brighten, and fix your under-eye bags packing.
At Least Once: Get a facial. A professional skin expert will be able to clean you up, clear you out, and also identify (and help troubleshoot) skin problems. So don’t just lie zipping your mouth, speak up, ask questions, and find out what you should add to (or skip) in your beauty routine, what kinds of ingredients you should be looking for to suit your skin type, and plenty of other insider info.

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Your Body

Monthly: Defuzz with a visit to your friendly neighborhood salon. To take some of the sting out of waxing, take a pain reliever and drink a glass of water before you head out.
Weekly: Say good bye to scaly skin. Take a shower for some serious exfoliation. Clearing out dry, dead cells will help skin stay rejuvenated and fresh. You can use Body buffer for this purpose. It is also a hard working body polisher. You will be glowing in no time.
Once a Day: Let your glow last with a daily head to toe lotion rubdown. In warmer months, look for a lighter moisturizer that is formulated with an SPF of at least 15. In winter, fight dryness with a mega moisturizer.
At Least Once: Hit the spa. A little posh pampering is ultra relaxing, and there are some beauty routines (like a back facial or a full waxing) that you just can’t ignore. Get yourself engaged with at least one tempting treatment — you won’t regret it.

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Your Hands & Feet

Monthly: Get a professional manicure and pedicure treatment to make sure that your hands and feet look great. Plus (bonus!) you’ll always be prepared to show off your engagement ring.
Weekly: Show your feet some tough love. Peel out any dead or dry skin with a foot scrub. Scrubbing will eliminate any rough spots and leave your feet totally sandal..
Daily: Make habit of a hand lotion. Even if your hands are not dryness prone, a little deluxe treatment for your digits can’t hurt. Keep a tube of it in your purse.
At Least Once: It will sound definitely squishy. But spending the night deep moisturizing your hands and feet (inside socks and gloves) will enrich your skin and leave it unbelievably moist. See, once is enough!




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