Are You Looking for the Alternatives of Mithai ….??

I have heard most of the brides and grooms complaining that they are badly stuffed with Mithaai on Mayun mehndi functions while they don’t want to eat sweets in that quantity. Problem doesn’t lies only in tasting issues but issues also arise when you are having a strict diet plan, as most of the brides do on their weddings or unfortunately you are diabetic. Well, no worries you have many other options too. Although the essence of “Mithaai” cannot be changed but let’s give it a try. Find the best suited idea that appeals your taste and preference…


Wedding biscuits/ Cookies

This can be very interesting if you are fond of cookies because it can not only satisfy your taste but also can add charm to the menu of your wedding function. You can order for custom designing of your own choice. Wedding biscuits comes with a lot of ideas and you can even implement the idea of theme wedding using custom designed and baked biscuits as supportive.


It depends on you how beautifully you cut and present fruits. Fruits can be the best option for those who avoid extra calories or fat. Fruits cannot only help you protect your stomach but also can make your presentation more colorful and fascinating. And yes, it’ll be a new idea too for your plans for a personalized wedding.


Sugar Free sweets--Laal(the wedding magazine)

Sugar Free Sweets

This is the most easy and simple thing that you can do. Instead of having all the colorful sweets you can replace it with the favorite and sugar free one that you like and can digest. It can help you not only to avoid sugar that you cannot intake but also provide you the opportunity to have of your own choice. Keep in notice that you haven’t eaten much food before rasam; otherwise this suggestion may also not help you.

If you aren’t too nuts about nuts, the coated nuts craze is surely going to hook you in.

Dry Fruits will be highly appreciated for its delicious taste, tempting flavor and purity and no doubt you are also going to love it.

dry fruit dates--Laal (the wedding magazine)

Dry fruits

No doubt dry fruits are high calorie foods but if you want to replace “Mithaai” from your wedding menu then dry fruits can help a lot. You can use any dry fruit as a replicate of mithai; you can also create sweets using your favorite dry fruit by blending the taste of your favorite ingredients for example Chocó dip pistachio dates.


Gur and Sesame Coated Almonds

It can be a different idea to use gur coated almonds instead of typical mithai. You can make it at home in advance to enjoy at different rasams of your wedding. It will never let you bored of eating sweet.

Paan Flavored Kishmish (Raisins)

Enjoy the flavor of pan with these devouring Kishmish. They are a healthy and enjoyable substitute for mouth fresheners. With the unique aroma of paan and royal flavor of raisins you will spark the idea of doing something different and unique.

Cinnamon Coated Almonds and PistachiosCinnamon Coated Almonds and Pistachios

Bring in the warmth of the joy with our All Natural Cinnamon Flavoring. Bold and spicy, this aromatic flavor tastes as good as it smells. Utilize cinnamon’s distinct taste to add a bit of zing to almonds or pistachio. All Natural Cinnamon Flavor will prove to be a good increment in your new go-to addition.



Chocolates can be a good alternative of mithai because I haven’t met any person yet who dislikes chocolate. Chocolates are becoming a mostly exchanged gift and expression of affectionate emotions. So, trying it on your wedding would not be a bad idea 😉


Ice Cream-- Laal (the wedding magazine)Ice cream

Yes… you can alter mithai with your favorite ice cream, and if you choose flavor of your own choice, it will never let you get bored of eating sweet. Only thing you will have to consider is that the weather, neither too hot that the ice cream get melt nor too cold because you might have catch cold.


Your favorite food or sweet dish

When it is to talk about sweets then sweet dishes cannot be left behind. You can also add sweet dishes of your own choice for example “Gajar ka Halwa” or “Firni” are the most liked sweet dishes in Pakistan. You can use any sweet dish of your taste.